Spread Love With Style was founded on the belief that TOGETHER we can make a positive difference in this world.

So how do we plan on achieving this goal?

With your help!

1.    First, you purchase a jacket from our site

2.    Next, we donate a jacket to a child in need

How? Spread Love With Style has partnered with schools and social organizations that have provided us with information on children who need jackets. We work directly with the leaders of these schools and organizations to make sure that every child that needs a jacket receives one! While we have a large list of partners that we are currently working with, we are always looking for more! You can sign up your school or organization here and we will be in touch within 3-5 business days.

Furthermore, we have designed programs dedicated to large corporations and larger, more-fortunate schools to directly help these less fortunate schools and social organizations. If you are the leader of a school/organization, check out our Helping Hand page.


Have you ever felt really cold? Not the shivering, can’t feel your hands cold, but the it’s so cold I never want to do anything ever again cold. You know, the kind of cold that makes your heart cold?

This is why we chose jackets.

Because we know first hand, that feeling cold is one of the worst feelings possible. Imagine traveling to school everyday without a proper jacket. Think about it, on the warmest winter day, it feels like the coldest. As if the commute isn’t hard enough, it’s worse when you are not properly clothed. It’s also the reason why so many people dread going to work, and why so many children will miss school. Because the cold is so unbearable!